Interested in submitting a piece of work to Vagabond Multilingual Journal? Check out the criteria below!

The Spring 2014 Issue has been published!

Submissions currently sent in will be directed to the Fall 2014 issue of Vagabond!

what we're looking for
Written Work:
Seeking original, written, creative, work written in languages other than English.

We will also consider non-English AND English works specifically discussing multilingual issues, personal experiences with multilingualism, and languages.

The word limit for all written submissions is 2,000 words (roughly 5 pages single-spaced).

Seeking original art (e.g. photography, painting, drawing) submissions.

All art submissions will be considered. However, we are specifically seeking art submissions focused on themes of multilingualism, multiculturalism, languages, travel, etc.

We print at a quality of 300 DPI (300 dots per inch), so please try to submit materials that can be printed at that level. Don't worry about whether your art meets our print-quality needs-- we will let you know if we need a higher quality image!

instructions for submission
1. E-mail your submissions to us with the subject line formatted as shown in the below examples. One submission per e-mail.
e.g. For a single written submission:
"Zathura" in German by Friedrich Nietzsche

e.g. For two written submissions:
"Les chats dansent" in French by Pierre Dupont
"My Bilingual Life" in English by Pierre Dupont

e.g. For a single art submission:
"Pave your dreams, make a road" by Yoshitomo Nara

2. Include in your e-mail the following:
For written submissions: For art submissions: Questions? Email us at